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This Group was created for all people who like read, look at, draw, or write comics. There are plenty of comic book groups out there. But most are devoted to one Superhero, villain, side-kick etc. This group Comics For The Win are for all comics. Self made or famous. We accept all. I hope this is the place for you. Enjoy and Have Fun!
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To really get a group up and running and make it great you need points. I would love to upgrade this group to a SuperGroup. But in order to do that you need points. I however can not afford to make this a supergroup. So If you would love to help out feel free to donate points to TikaFauxx and if you do donate leave a comment saying how many points and for what group you would like to donate to.

Episode 3 biggrin.gifumb Droids Hunted
(Epic) Noob Arc

(As the ship was approaching it's destination , in space. Purl started  to say

Purl- Master!, we should be arriving at the destine spot, in 3 mins"

Purl- perhaps we should take the time to get unitize your ships other  functions.Or perhaps we should time to talk about you character information

Alice- Ya ya whatever hey purl , how skip about we to some thing I don't know less boarding like weapons menu training. I'm mean i already got basically everything else down in my head, another the synapse weapons  system maybe different from the "Space Knight's"

Purl-very well master , if you  would please  process open the up you inventory. By simply clicking the backpack icon  located on the button left or  your view.

Alice- ha knew it, it's so typical among RPG game for inventor slot. They could at lest my the design more interesting. (Alice then click the icon ,  an screen pops up show typical RPG inventor shot. Such as item , keys items , weapons, magic spell, characters stats like level , exp to next level, health , mana, etc...) But .Oh well so what's next it seems easy so far another that no surprised to me"

Purl- Correct now please  select  the weapon's in storage spot  to weapon's inventory spot" (Alice did just that, he move what look like a sliver flag grande with sliver purple spiral design all around it. The name of was call a "Synapse  Plasma-tic Grande"  or "S.P.V.G" for short. In inventory , but in the weapons inventory already was  a weapons call the "SST-HUNTER 1.2" ( kind of halo like assault gun cross over with modern day F-14   And Sci-fi looking pistol call a "NUG-1")

(Only mins later the  ship arrive out hyper space. Near by asteroid field. Wear a bunch of flying beetle like droids with blues and high tech space jet packs were mining the asteroid. With some kind of  light energy beam, that suck out all the miner's

Purl - master we arrive at our destination

Alice-aright finally some action , feels like I've bee waiting all day for this"

Alice-"I thought for sure i was going to die  of boarding,back there"

(Purl quickly check stats of nearby enemies on the ship computer. And conclude)  

Purl- master it doesn't appear that the enemy  has notice our arrive it appears were far enough far they can't detected our ship on there sensor.It would as appear there in mining operation of some sort perhaps would should...

Alice-Then i say lets go kick there mental ass right now , while there backs are turn!"

Alice-"hey if works for noob's it work for me, so let's..

Purl-"Wait master.."

Alice-"G-Go Go Go , WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"(fails down from his chair)

Alice-Owwww" ( rubs his head a bit)

(get off's the floor) Alice- "What,  now purl?"

Purl-"Perhaps it would better if we scan the area  first in cast there scouts or escort ships nearby"

Alice-"Is that all you have to say?, give me a break girl"

Purl-"Master i don't understand , isn't logic to scan first?"

Alice-" Purl i'm a guy .. i'm reliable kind of guy. when it's come  to these kinds of things i'm on it"

Alice-"IK we should take out those scrap bugs first...If the mining operations are like anything like in"Eve" or "Allegiance"

Alice-"Then were have all in bag once we take out those Scrap Bugs"

Purl-"very well master, then lets us process with your plan of action then"

Alice-"Yosh!!" ( Alice then piloted the craft carefully around one the asteroids. Without being seen or detected by the scrap bug, he then waited carefully for right moment to strike as hold his hand just above the trigger)

Alice-"Wait for it,  wait for it, wait for it , carefully and..."

Alice-"Fire Fire!!"( pulls the trigger and fires a 2 green lasers from ship , at one scarp bugs)

Zooom! Zooom! Zooom! ( sounds of ships laser beam fire)

(the scrap bug heard the noise, and turn his head around at the last seced)

Scrap Bug-"What the (before he was hit by the laser fire he yell)

Scrap Bug-"AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

"KAMBOOOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!" (sound of the exposition)

Alice-"Aright! , that's one for scrap yard"

Purl-"Master there's 2 more on the right

Alice-"I see them" (Alice said as as pilot the craft ,back ward  in a cool stun. An lunch at the Scrap droid's with the ship as full trotter , as he started to barrel rolling at them at same time he fire his missiles. A Magically brown fairy dust cover rocket lunch at scarp droids blow them up before thy can even escape


Alice-"Whooot who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice-"Ya who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice-"ya aright , we got them!!!

(He ye'll out in enticement as flew right though the exposition with out  even starch his ship. Like bad ass Han Solo play. With his ship)

Purl-"master i sense there another closing in from north and it's capital ship"

Alice-"Aright keep them coming ( Alice boosted and chuckle)  , i can do this all day longggg......"

(Alice become lost for worlds as he saw a spaceship that came out jump space. It  was metallic gray in color , and was shape like a very large and very long trapezoid. it's also have derso-fin and for flippers 2 in front / 2 in the back, all made out mental of coarse. It also had a face paint on of robot creature , with narrow red eyes and big white teeth.Something Alice had not encounter from really long long time as the "Green Knight" something from his deepness fears)

(purl sense there was something wrong  with Alice and ask)

Purl-"master is there something wrong?"

( But Alice only mutter)

Alice- A "Saberas X 2 5 Light Cruiser Class" but that means" ( As he stare out the window gasping from breath. He  begin to mutter the rest of his thoughts)

Alice-"That means then these guys are , Vicroids!?"

(Star Fantasy Character Definition)

Species Number 779

Vicords-Alien droids from the planet Vinos, once created by the "Pubaness" a race of aliening builders that were none for there vast array of knowledge , engineering , and high tech mech. Until they betrayal there creator. Now there killing sci-fi aliening machines with on this in mind wipe out every no-metal species in existence , and they won't stop until they completed there goal.They are 7 fleet  tall,  and have robot bodies like the terminators. But have huge razer spar claws, T-rex feet (metallic of coarse). A Small steady/tall round top trapezoid Shape head with one giant red robot eyes. A mouth like the mouth piece of gas mask , and walls that separated his mouth from there eyes. Oh as the walls on face look like 2 up side down trapezoids

(New player Stat's)

Attack: rank 3 ( does 50-60 hit points)

Def: rank 1-2 (def 30-60 damge before shields and health stats droping)

Intelligence: Rank 1 ( meet  dumb and dumber)




N.P.A:Special Attack: Electric I-on Plasma Cannon (beam)
Does 50-100 radius effect attack damage. In a 10 feet radius square

N.B: Alert Radius: when nearby friendly/allied unit is in trouble or destroy. All nearby Vicriods even if there not under your control will come to your aid to rescue you or forces.

P.B: Intimidation: all no aggressive species are 75%  likely to surrender at first sight. And aggressive species are 25% likely to surrender at first sight.

P.A: when on home planet or artificial planet. Gain access to higher level technology exclusive for the planet anytime your on it. As long as you control one factory one planet , your forces are unlimited.Entire planet is under your control including the planet itself.

W.A:Delay reaction: when you or another Vicriod creature are attack there's a 75%-85% of you unable to react for 15 secs

(Alice  lower his as he ) Alice-"He..


Alice-"this great ( Alice smiles and laugh's a little bit) it's better then anything i can ask for at moment. A real fucking challenge has come, for sue!!!"

Alice-"now this is fun!!" ( purl looked at Alice wondering what he was exactly up to.But  Alice only grin as he lock on the Target enemy craft using the auto lock system.)

Alice-"eat lead and missiles sucker!!! ( He ye'll as he fire like crazy at the enemy craft using every thing he had misses , laser and.As he rage with his excitement)


(He yell out as his blood boil and he sweat like crazy. He rage on as he continue firing ,but no matter how hard he try to  to damage craft it didn't seem.To be effect by Alice weapons much, and even Alice could tell this as flustered begin to realized it.)

Alice-"Damn it! these spirit missiles are more use-less then regular missiles are against these bastder"

Alice-"oh well i just keep hitting it until it breaks then!!"

Alice-"Ya!!!!" ( Alice yelled as he continue to  rage with excitement , as the fire with in him keep burning brighter and brighter with each sec passing.
as he yell out at top of his lungs)


(Lucky for Alice the ship appear as though i couldn't fight back. It's weapons system must been disable rendering it completely useless. Never less Alice fight with everything his ship could  throw at  the "Saberas X 2 5 Light Cruiser Class" . He Was about resolute to using the impact trill ability again , but the ships shields and armor health drop quickly. And moment later it was completely destroy)


( It's exposed into million of piece , then disappear into a bunch of green data bits)

(And Alice level up to  level 2 . As he level up shining circular  ray of light engulf Alice's body. A disappear in flash of light and confidingly. As it made a  


Alice-"Oh Ya i level up!!!"

(All of his stat's increase by 10%)

(Alice was just enjoying the feeling of victory as he boosted)

Alice-"Whose the master gamer now , huh,huh?!!

Alice-"That's right i'm the game master i'm the game master!!"

Alice-"what now ..what now oh ya!!

Alice-" That's 4 me and zero for dumb droids"

(But just then 8 ships came out hyper spaces)

"ERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!" (sounds of coming out hyper ships)

(The Ships were Metallica sliver in color a were cross between v and w, with 2 long narrow red eyes on both side front side.)

Alice-A "V.Wings 2.2.5 fighter classic ships?"

( Just then Purl detective an income message , form the enemy ships)

Purl-"Master there trying to send us an "Inter con link message" , shall we replay?"

Alice-"May as well answer it could be fun"

Alice-"Bring them up screen"

Alice-"Yes master of coarse"

(She pulls up  the ships messaging screen. An one vicriods was on screen, he spoke in  typical sci-fi robotic voice)

Vicriod-"Analyzing ship and species...roger ..roger"

Vicriod-"Species number 0.... young synapse warrior.... you must surrounded to us , for it they only logically concision  to do"

Vicriod-"There is no hope of wining against us ,chancing of wining for you are %5 to 95%, for we are the superior species.

Vicriod-"Our units can't be crush , or strength can't be compare for it is unbeatable , our intelligence's is beyond anything you know, and we don't not rest for we are droids"

Alice-"He....(Alice grin with a smirk)

Alice-"(Smiles with a taunting expression on his face)5% i like those odd , then there still hope of me kicking your ass"

Alice-" An logic my ass and  superior species given me a break "

Alice-"If want me want get me, come here an try kick my ass yourself, unless you do you to chicken to do yourself"(Uses the bring it hand sign with his hands)

Alice-" Come on!! Bring it on!! I could wipe your all day of week!!"

Purl-"Master i don't think it very good idea, to taut them like that there are trying to kill us after all"

Alice-"Trust me on this purl i'm not going to lose to bunch of unless droid like them"

Alice-"So just still back girly enjoy the ride, and let me do my thing"

Purl-"Very well master i  trust you on rest"

Vicriod-"Roger Roger .. .processing ...processing .."

Vicriod-"World's... read as..error treat... error treat... error treat...error treat.....error treat"

Vicriod-"Does not compute, Does not compute,Does not compute"

Vicriod-"Error error error must be eliminated , for it's thy only logically concision now"

(The droid over loaded with his confusion.. and the transmitted was cut off. From that ship)

Vicriod-"All units attack, spices number 0 young synapses warrior

Vicriod-"Actives all ships magic spells , and set ship phrases to terminated, and  all power to forward shields"

Vicriods-"Roger roger roger roger"

(The vicriods pilot there ship high above Alice ship. They then processed to drove down in attack formation against Alice)

Purl-"So much for for a friendly chat, master"

Alice-"Hell Yeah Bring it....( Bit his lips before shouted out the rest of it)


(Alice ye'll with furry , as he pilot his ship straight into the oncoming droid fighters. That attacking from above)

(to be continued)
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