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Episode 6: Rest, relexment, and enjoyment before the big games

( a few hours had past a ruby and the rest of guys were  at boy's  mini spa/shower room. Were Ruby a few of the boys were having fun wracking each other with towers)

"oh my boobs!!"

"there call beewies, beewies!!"

" there freaking guy tits , you guys"

( after that everyone in room started laughing like crazy . but then Sutāchairudo started being a pervert as he grin and said)

" hey ruby(laughs a little) notice you pretty small in certain spot, but i know special message technique to make it bigger want to let me hand a go" ( Sutāchairudo  said he did a grabbing monition with his hands , and starting drooling a little)

" eww don't gross pervert" ( Ruby back away in embarrassment like a girl)

"and way the would a boy like me care about something like that!!"

"oh i understand it pretty hard having a tiny thing like that wave" (Sutāchairudo said with perv.Grin)

"don't be gross" ( ruby said as he punch Sutāchairudo)

Sutāchairudo-"ok ok i was just joking" ( he said with sorry looking on his as big red bump appear there)

Ruby-" hump,besides its now that small is it?"

" it tiny like grape"

" and grape oh no!!" ( ruby freak out as started to go into a gloomy state of desperation with each world he heard)

"it's tiny like a cherry"

" like a cherry oh no!!"

(at that momentum  all of ruby pride as guy was completely shatter so much so that that he lay on ground a little ghost come out of him)

"I think might over kill him dude" ( Yasei said as a k.o boxing ring style sound was heard like in a cartoon)

Ruby-" no more  at this rate my pride as guy would be crush!!" ( just then kitty playfully jump on to rubies back)

"you guys do mean to my little cutie, oh ruby you such cutie"

" hey get off of me kitty" (ruby said as he blush)

" not a chance i haven't seen much of you all day , and i want you all to myself"

" hey hey" ( soon the rest of the guys laugh a little meanwhile at the indoor boys spa)

"jezz do those idiot's have to be that loud?" (Taidan said with annoyed look)

" i told them before if they going to be that loud then go outside"

Tensai-" i don't seem to mind the noise at all , with those guys every thing seems to lively them usually"

" just remain me what you even doing here in first place again?"

Tensai-" i told you i just so happen to be same area of the school"

" ya right you just here to join the team , i bit you just shy admit it?"

"wh-what i-ive have not idea what talking about!!" like i said before i just so happen to be in the area"

Heikō-" Who cares whose here , lets just enjoy nice R and R"

( all the guys said) "ya" (Yasei as they lay there backs against the spa edged in the water)

" yup , you boys sure said it this spa really hits the spot" (Akuma said a carefree attitude as he lay back against spa corner)


( at first Heikō thought he saw the coach , but he thought of it as nothing but a dream as duck his head below the water)

" that's funny for moment i thought i saw the coach but that can't be i just can't" ( Heikō keep duck his head above water a below water making sure he wasn't dream even slapping his face. But after long moment of staring)


(Akuma said)"hi" ( like it was nothing. It dawn on Heikō at first but when it and flags were raise he ye'll)

" it's  really is you,coach!!" ( he point at akuma)

wh-what!! the heck  are you doing here" ( he blush in embarrassment as he bashfully turn around pertaining he didn't see anything)

Heikō-" i swear i didn't see anything i swear especially not  you tiny boobs , not that there's anything wrong about that!!!"

" what's embarrassing about seeing me naked( akuma said puzzled) i'm your coach beside i change with you plenty of times"

"but even so for a boy and girl to be in same room naked , i just too embarrassing!!!"

"fine fine you don't have to be so melodramatic about every thing besides.." (just as akuma was about the leave the spa he turn around and show everyone one his)

" i told you kids , before i'm a guy"

"what!!!!!!!"  "and elephant!!!" ( all the guys ye'll in shock)

("i figure") ( Taidan said in his head)

"tsk... do you brats have to be so loud" ( Akuma said annoyed as he clean  out his eyes of the noise he had just heard)

"I'm sorry coach , i keep forgetting you a guy" (Heikō said sorry  in fast and nervous way)

(Akuam took deep breath and sign)"don't worry about it kid , after all... ( he pause and then smile and look towards the right)

"lets those kids have there fun while they can, cause need plenty of rest . So they can used there energy for tomorrow to the fullest" ( meanwhile at another school of "Magic Illusion Academy" a school for young modern magicians  and performance. In a dark quite a look up room there was a room full of magical items along the many book self's the litter the sides of rooms, also there was a magic orange circle with candles on floor of the room. An there was an older girly looking (very very) tall (208cm) boy with light red hair , in style of short young girls hair. He had dark blue eyes and was wipe up in chain while wearing a straight jacket while hang down from a chain. As he started concentration in deep state of mind as he started)

" i must remain absolute still , even the slightest moments would ruin the fav in the air"

" I must do what not even the great man himself couldn't done"

" hi ya sempai watch'ya doing?"( a younger smaller(151cm) girly looking boy with glossy metallic  luster black eyes and the small color hair in a long rope like pony tail  that come down to his back of his wast.He also had a hair the cover up his left side of his face like uppers side down dagger, and on right side of his face a few long pieces of hair hang down in curve to. He was were a volley ball uniform that was purple/dark green color , it hand the icon of chameleon wearing a top hat , cape , and magic wand while dancing and spinning around on a ball. The worlds "Tricksters Chameleons" in big a bold letter from on top of icon and button in dark green letters He was also wearing matching color sports shoes and spots gloves to his uniform.He was also wearing and eyes patch on his right eyes.)

"oh i see it's only you Kuro -kun , i thought i felt a disturbance in the air , was it you?"

(smiles)"I still see you are doing your  magic tricks again houdini "

"of coarse it's my duty , not it my destiny to do what not even the great man himself couldn't do"

" by the way why  have you come here?

" I just came to grab a few stuff for my magical tricks"

"oh sure, take all the time you like you never run out of to much interesting fav"

"thanks i won't take long i promise( kuro smile and he skip toward the one of the book self's and look around for a few magical items) lets see la la, i think i get this one and this one and oh maybe this one, oh ho and this one"( after a fews mins of picking stuff up kuro final got everything he need, but didn't realize he drop something by mistake that would cause something to burn up)

"k, see ya later semapi good lucky  with you magic trick thing" ( kuro said as he happy left and he wave good by)

" oh aye! (houdini said as a good bye)  now then were was i ,oh ya  i need complete forces to performer this trick( he said as he sloe his eyes)

"stuff stuff,  him i smell a delightful burning sensation in air as if something was being cook "

"wait a min( looks downs and saw  he was beginning to caught on fire) i'm the one on fire!! , this isn't delight at all it's a nightmare!!!

(Then he realize) "on sec thought this was really stupid idea!!"

" and why the heck did i thought of this idea in first place" ( then he started panic and move around trying to get free as he call out for kuro)

"aye aye aye!!!  Kuro-kun AYE!!!"

"aye!!! your sempai really needs you!!"

" kun this most under setting fav that there is!!
( but no matter how much houdini call for kuro , kuro was just far away to hear. He was out side on step kicking his fleet moving his his head side to side as he lay on the steps looking up at the night sky smiling)

"him him him i wonder how sempai is doing him him"(as he giggles)
(the next day after school as the S.C.K'S locker room , Heikō buster though the door yelling)

"Bad news everyone!!!" (Everyone stop what there were doing as Heikō caught his breath he continue to say)
" I just saw the coach and he was skipping  down the hall with smile on, and you know what that mean’s!!"

(all the guys expect ruby stare at Heikō with shock expression on there face)
Taidan "no way don't tell me,it can't be? it's only the 4th day of school of school right?"

Taidan -"i guess it must started early this year, and knowing the fan basic tournament, were probably be facing the same teams we went up against last year"
Taidan -" and in the same order to most likely and if that's the cased were as good as  dead this year"

Ruby- hey wait a min you guys ,I don't get it, what’s with you guys?, are giving up already?"

" I just can't take pressure I’m leaving" (Heikō as started for the door but other guys hold him back)

" wait a min, were the hell are you going Capt.?,

"let me go, what’s the point if were going to lose anyways we might as well quite well were ahead"

"not a chance if one of us goes down then , all of us are going down together as a team , where’s yours sense of pride as a guy?'

"Gone with the wind, its every guy for himself with the coach"

"aye aye don't make this solution' any worst then it is you idiot, beside if you skip today the coach will punish you again" ( as soon as Taidan said that Heikō calm down)

"on second thought maybe facing a competently over power opponent my not be so bad after all, yosh so lets go kick some ass and win this fight!!"

"well you sure change your mind quickly"

" well the power of your world's converse me others wise , the power of worlds can really move people"

"ya right , you not fooling anyone stupid"

Ruby-"so what the big deal , I don't see what’s so scary about the coach skipping and smiling , its seems normal to mean"

Sutāchairudo -"he he he you don't get new kid since you won't here last year , but only time coach does that is when.."

Sutāchairudo -"Capt. just scare cause were up against foe that possible harder then us or out of our legion"

Sutāchairudo -" probably a knight , or king class , or even and unknown king a bishop , but don’t let it get to you”

Ruby-"Who are they, are they strong?"

Sutāchairudo -" Well there strong account to there rank, like in chess”
“Pawn’s are the weakness; Rooks are just good, unknown knights or bishops are mystery so know one knows there true strength “

“Knight’s are protozoa’s in training, the teams that destiny to be pro’s someday, There the elite ones”
“Kings and Queens the best there is, in there school level (that is)”, and Empires are the number one team in the world”
(ruby then all physic about that as he said)“In cased I just have to bet every last one of them right”
Rank doesn’t matter to me I just want to face strong opponents and have fun. Then after I bet them all I be one of the coolest guy ever!!”
Sutāchairudo -“high spirited just as ever new kid he he he”

( just then Akuma busted though the door with smile as he yell)“oh boy's!!!! (Everyone the frozen in place)

" I have some excited news, we just got secludes for the intro tournament”, and were up against an unknown knight, class” (he then hands a seclude over to each of them)

Ōkina -"already hey it’s same as last year”

Heikō -“ I knew it were toast , may as well give up know”

Akuma-“what’s with you guys, get in sprit or else were well will lose”

Ruby-( surprised expression)“ a tournament What tournament? , I never knew we were in a tournament ,It’s exciting  by it’s only the 4th of school it’s just all to over welling a bit”

Akuma-what you didn't know? oh that’s right to you new so probably never heard it before” , it's nothing to big it's just introduce tournament to see how’s to other teams are doing , to get the seniors back to swing of thing after long break , to give new players a chance to play and to show there skills "

" these time to test our new stagiest to use for the big , to see what needs to be improve upon , it's kind like of series of practice matches, there's no trophies really, just the ones who can last the longest win”
“it’s 2 part event the first part is get 3 wins with in a giving time, the second part is a series of knock out  rounds see who can last until the end before time runs out”
(Akuma then give everyone a serious look as he said)“but I’m sure have to tell you guys that just because this isn't a officer tournament not to give it your all right?”
(all the guys shouted) “right!!!”
(to be continue)
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